Commission Rates

We have a sliding scale commission for this type of auction. 

25% on items selling for up to $19

20% on items selling for $20 - $199

15% on items selling for $200 - $349

10% on items selling for $350 or more

Consignors have the right to "No Sale" items or place a reserve on an item at no charge if items do not sell. 

How to consign and items accepted

We accept consignments daily. Simply bring your consignments to our auction facility during business hours or by appointment. For large estates please call ahead.  Pick up service is available, please contact sales office for details. 

Items that we accept are antiques, collectibles, furniture, jewelry, sports memorabilia, art, primitives, and estate items. We DO NOT ACCEPT yard sale items. 

Farm & Construction Equipment Auctions

Come see why BC Auctions is the place to sell!!!

BC Auctions offers a unique opportunity for you to get your items sold for the best possible price in less time with less expense and effort. Our commission rates are competitive with no hidden fees and if we are not able to get your items sold for you it doesn't cost you a thing. We advertise nationally and offer online bidding during most of our live auctions. 

How to consign and Items accepted

Simply bring your items to our auction facility. We accept any items that can be shipped. Antiques, collectibles, glassware, household items, wholesale lots, jewelry, coins, etc. 

Antique & Collectibles Consignment Auctions

We offer the most options to get your items SOLD!

Estate Tag Sale

How to Consign

We accept consignment items daily. Simply bring your items and drop them off. We accept one piece or an entire estate. For a large amount of items please call ahead. We have equipment to unload large and heavy items. We will get your items checked in and you will get a list of the items that you have left with us.

We do the rest.

How It Works

This is basically a professionally run sale in a "garage sale" format. We have been having great success with this style of sale for estates that just have basically household type items. It is a great option. Every one is a little different so, give us a call and we can go over the details. 

How to consign and items accepted

To consign equipment you can contact our Equipment Sale Manager to get your items in all the national advertising as soon as possible or SIMPLY BRING YOUR ITEMS TO THE SALE GROUNDS anytime before the auction. The sooner your consignments arrive the more advertising you will receive. We do offer trucking. Contact Auction company for details. 

We accept any type of farm implements, trucks, tractors, trailers, constructions equipment, contractors tools, livestock handling equipment and supplies, and other related items of value (example - salvage equipment, lawn and garden,  parts, tools, or attachments). Implement, tractor, or heavy equipment tires only. NO junk tires or live animals. 

For complete Estate Auctions, Liquidations, of Onsite Auctions please contact us and let us work for you. 

View the details at the bottom of this page.

 *Farm & Construction Equipment​  *Liquidations  *Estates   *And More!

Commission Rates

The rates are the same for this type of auction as the Antiques and Collectibles. 

Online Only Auctions

Estate Items

Commission Rates

Selling position fee $15 (Spaces are approx. 15'x15')

Commission 7% of the total sold

$1 per clerk ticket (every item sold cost $1)

Limited to 3 "No Sale" items. 

Tailgate Auctions

       How it works 

           We accept any items of value and auction items right off your truck, out of                you car, or off your trailer. Simply load up your items, bring them to the                    auction facility, get your spot and GET IT SOLD!. Sellers will draw for selling                positions 30 minutes prior to the auction then line up in that order. We then              auction off your items. Quick and easy way to turn your items into money. 

Online Only Auctions

Machinery and Farm related

Commission Rates

Commission on all equipment is 10% per item, $10 minimum with a MAX of $500 per item. All "smalls" must have value of at least $5 or will be combined with other items from the same consignor. "Smalls" are considers to be items that are not classified as "equipment" such as tools, fencing, etc. Commission rate for "smalls" is 20% for items selling for $99 or less, 10% for items selling for $100 or more. Tires are also sold at the same commission rate as "smalls". 

We do not charge a "NO SALE" fee if you are on site to protect your interests, otherwise, we charge $20. 


A non-refundable $25 consignment fee is charged on all online items. These are items that are part of the online session of the Farm & Construction Equipment Auctions. 

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